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“I was born and raised in Ohio Dairy country in 1951 and I have been eating Ice Cream as long as I can remember. Though I've lived in Olympia for 21 years, I only discovered ACME a coupe weeks ago. The Dark Chocolate is very likely the best Chocolate I've ever had. I love Vanilla and I am in love with your Vanilla Bean. It is an event any time I get into it. I want to try the Chocolate chip as it looks to be unique in its process, distributing the Chocolate as God intended. Thank you for creating this unique treat!”


“your ice cream is my favorite thing ever (and by far the best ice cream ever)!!! texture is everything, and there's nothing worse than foamy, air-filled ice cream...and, thanks for the fabulous high quality shaved chocolate chips (instead of the dreadful waxy chunks in other brands)...i wouldn't mind if you tossed some of the chips into the espresso...or if you mixed up some cherry ameretto chip :) thanks for being awesome!!!!”


“I wasn’t even thinking about ice cream until I saw your van with the big spoonful on it. I’ve been following [you’re van] just so I could see where to buy it!”